Monday, September 28, 2009

The hard times, the easy times, the happy times, the sad times

Last night before I head out to staging. It's 1:24 AM. I've gotten all my stuff packed, finally, gone through most of my stuff and weeded out that which I don't want to see in 27 months, and said goodbye to many of my friends.

It's that last part that weighs on my mind now. The aches are already starting to begin, as I realize I won't see many of you for a couple of years. It's hard. But it's okay. While talking to Vicky yesterday, I realized something. This is supposed to be hard. It means I have tons of friends worth missing. If this was easy, it'd be sad. So I'm happy that this is hard. It's important to remember, this is a happy time, and happier because it's difficult. I've often said that my favorite flavor is bittersweet, and saying goodbye to so many good friends is one of the best bittersweet moments of my life so far.

Thank you all.

All right, enough of this sappy stuff. Time to catch some sleep.

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  1. That's certainly true about how it should be hard. I don't think I could do what you're doing. I'm sure it will be a rewarding experience in the end. I will send you letters as much as I remember to, and read your blog (it's on my RSS) as much as you get to post, and I'll be here when you get back (metaphorically, that is, because who knows where I'll physically be but I'll visit you). Plus, seriously, maybe Jeff and I can come see you omg that would be so amazing.